Next.js + React + Node.js + Headless CMS (WP REST)

Next.js + React + Node.js versions of 2 existing WordPress-based sites. These Next.js sites use the existing WP sites as a headless CMS, showcase Next.js’s flexible types of data fetching (Static Site Generation, Server-Side Rendering, and SWR), and dynamic routes.

Automated Booking System (React + Redux, JS, WordPress REST, PHP, Foundation)

An automated booking system. Requesters submit a booking request for an Asset (e.g., person) by start/end date, role, and experience level (e.g. 2021-01-01 – 2021-01-07, carpenter, senior). The first available Asset match is contacted and must accept or reject the request within a timeframe. If accepted, the booking is complete; if rejected, the next available matching Asset is contacted and so on. Showcases both React + Redux and Vanilla JS versions.

Dynamic Ecommerce Pricing License Selector + Custom Theme (JS, WordPress AJAX, PHP, WooCommerce)

A refactored, bare-bones, ground-up version of a previous project based on the WooCommerce Storefront theme using WooCommerce Product Variations for available custom licenses.

User Data Input and Visualizer (JS, React + Redux, WordPress AJAX, Google Charts)

A mvp app made purely in good fun based on a viral video. Showcases both Vanilla JS and React + Redux + Thunk Middleware versions connected to a single MySQL database via WordPress AJAX. Allows users to enter and visualize data about various personal relationships using the Google Charts library.

Fantasy Football Rankings (JS, React + Redux)

Simplified recreation of common fantasy football ranking tables using React and Redux. Uses randomly generated ranking data.

Generate Unique Random Numbers From a Range (JS)

Utility functions for generating unique random numbers used in the Fantasy Football Ranker.

Ciphers (React + Redux, JS, Foundation)

A variety of ciphers in React.

Notifications (JS)

Notifications modules using ES6 classes and ES5 revealing module pattern.

Biomod Calculator (React, JS, SASS)

Simple proof of concept calculators in React and JS (revealing module pattern).

Coffee Calculator (JS)

Basic demo using a variety of JS patterns.

WaveSurfer Multiple Players (JS)

Multiple WaveSurfer instances reacting to JS events and states. Showcases ES5 revealing module pattern and ES6 classes.