Next.js + React + Node.js + Headless CMS (WP REST)

Next.js + React + Node.js versions of 2 existing WordPress-based sites. These Next.js sites use the existing WP sites as a headless CMS, showcase Next.js’s flexible types of data fetching (Static Site Generation, Server-Side Rendering, and SWR), and dynamic routes.

Automated Booking System (React + Redux, JS, WordPress REST, PHP, Foundation)

An automated booking system. Requesters submit a booking request for an Asset (e.g., person) by start/end date, role, and experience level (e.g. 2021-01-01 – 2021-01-07, carpenter, senior). The first available Asset match is contacted and must accept or reject the request within a timeframe. If accepted, the booking is complete; if rejected, the next available matching Asset is contacted and so on. Showcases both React + Redux and Vanilla JS versions.

Dynamic Ecommerce Pricing License Selector + Custom Theme (JS, WordPress AJAX, PHP, WooCommerce)

A refactored, bare-bones, ground-up version of a previous project based on the WooCommerce Storefront theme using WooCommerce Product Variations for available custom licenses.

User Data Input and Visualizer (JS, React + Redux, WordPress AJAX, Google Charts)

A mvp app made purely in good fun based on a viral video. Showcases both Vanilla JS and React + Redux + Thunk Middleware versions connected to a single MySQL database via WordPress AJAX. Allows users to enter and visualize data about various personal relationships using the Google Charts library.

Fantasy Football Rankings (JS, React + Redux)

Simplified recreation of common fantasy football ranking tables using React and Redux. Uses randomly generated ranking data.

Generate Unique Random Numbers From a Range (JS)

Utility functions for generating unique random numbers used in the Fantasy Football Ranker.

Cipher (React + Redux, JS, Foundation)

A variety of ciphers in React.

Biomod Calculator (React, JS, SASS)

Simple proof of concept calculators in React and JS (revealing module pattern).

Coffee Calculator (JS)

Basic demo using a variety of JS patterns.

WaveSurfer Multiple Players (JS)

Multiple WaveSurfer instances reacting to JS events and states. Showcases ES5 revealing module pattern and ES6 classes.